Subject: WIXC Racers Must Read4/25/2021

Two Changes for the 2021 WIXC Series: First, due to Liability reasons the spectators and riders will not be allowed on any portion of the course, only authorized event workers will be allowed on the course. If you want to walk the course you will need to do so on Saturday the day before the event. If anyone is found on the course during an event they or the rider they are with will be disqualified. This is a very serious safety issue and must be addressed. Second, the cost to put events on has greatly increased in every area, sometimes triple. Due to this there will be an increase of $5.00 for the gate fee. We hope everyone understands why these changes need to happen. We are looking forward to a great 2021 WIXC Series and will work hard at giving you excellent events. Rick and Paula

Subject: Attention: Track Members4/1/2021

The track will be opening on Saturday April 10th at 10am to Members Only. We have purchased a Cat D3 Dozer and will be grooming both tracks. If you have not received the new gate combination for 2021 please call or text me so I can get it to you. If you text please include your name so I can verify that you are a member. You can call or text me at 920-905-9492 or email me at Thanks and Have a Great Easter Weekend.

Subject: WIXC Apparel has been updated so please take time to check it out!!8/6/2020