Subject: Winter Olympics Postponed/Snow Bike Race Cancelled1/21/17

Due to the warm and rainy weather we will be postponing the Winter Olympics. We are hoping to reschedule for Mid to late February if Mother Nature cooperates. I was called by Ron Dillon the Promoter of the AMA National Snow Bike series and he has been having a tough season with the weather, his last event also had the rain like ourselves and he had to truck in 80 loads of snow to make the race happen. He has decided that without the ability to make snow at our facility as a back up plan to cancel the event. It is unfortunate but understandable. We will be offering a Snow Bike class at our Winter Olympics event for those of you with Snow Bikes. Please watch for updates on the Winter Olympics and Thanks for understanding. Rick

Subject: Fly Contingency1/14/17

WIXC will have Fly Contingency again for 2017. A big Thank You to Fly Racing and Western Power Sports. If you will be wearing Fly for the 2017 season please send me the Fly Contingency form which is located in the menu. You need to race 6 or more events to qualify for the contingency. Thank You, Rick

Subject: Denmark MX Victory9/20/16

We had our vote last night and received our conditional use permit which officially makes us a Recreational Vehicle Park. With all of your help and support we were able to do this. This is a great victory for our sport and proof that when you are honest and hard working the system we have in this country works. We are very grateful and very impressed on how professional the Manitowoc County Board of Adjustments handled this. We as riders need to follow the rules set for the track and conduct ourselves professionally. We again want to thank all of you for your support, we could not have done it without you. Rick and Paula Anschutz

Subject: Good Day Wisconsin Video Link4/16/2016

The four video segments featuring the Denmark Track are available under the video section. Take a look if you have a few minutes!!