Subject: Denmark Track Ride Dates6/8/15

Track is in great shape and will be open on Wed. & Thursday during the week and like always on the weekend both Saturday and Sunday. Have a great time. Hope to see you there.

Subject: Denmark Track Changes5/28/15

We had a dozer out at the track last weekend so please be careful since we made some track changes. We added some jumps and made some landings. Added a sand section in the back of the track also. Please take a slow lap to make yourself aware of the changes. We also have purchased a new John Deere tractor to maintain the track and cut the grass. It has been a ton of work and things are much further along than we had thought. We could not of done it without the help of so many members and we just want to say Thank You. We hope you enjoy the changes and will try to listen to your suggestions. Thanks, Rick and Paula