Subject: Denmark MX Public Hearing8/20/16

We just wanted to Thank Everyone that showed up in support of the track at our Public Hearing on August 15. Unfortunately it has been tabled for one more month. At the next meeting there will not be any input for or against the track. It will be however a public hearing so anyone wishing to attend can. The amount of friends we have in truly amazing and we are very grateful for all of your support. The next public hearing is scheduled for Monday September 19 at 7PM in Rooms 300 & 301. Location is 4319 Expo Drive Manitowoc WI 54220. Anyone able to make this meeting in support of the track would greatly be appreciated. Thank You, Rick & Paula Anschutz

Subject: Denmark MX Track Changes5/9/16

We shut down the portion of the track along Zander Rd to keep the dust off of our neighbor to the east of the track. We have added some new jumps next to the pond, they are not 100% done but are getting close. Please be aware of the changes and take a sight in lap and have a ton of Fun.

Subject: Good Day Wisconsin Video Link4/16/2016

The four video segments featuring the Denmark Track are available under the video section. Take a look if you have a few minutes!!

Subject: Fly Contingency3/17/16

WIXC will have Fly Contingency again for 2016. A big Thank You to Fly Racing and Western Power Sports. If you will be wearing Fly for the 2016 season please send me a email to: so I can get you on the list. You need to race 6 or more events to qualify for the contingency. Thank You, Rick