Subject: Points with throw outs posted and Award Winners posted.10/7/2014

The final points with the throw out races removed are posted. The list of award winners is also posted. All award winners need to contact Rick with the size of hoodie that you want . All 1st place winners need to send Rick a quality race photo as soon as possible to be used on the final award. All photos and hoodie sizes need to be submitted by November 1st. Any questions can be directed to Rick. Thanks for a great season everyone!!

Subject: Great Last Race/Great Season9/29/14

We just want to thank everyone for a great season and a great last race. 123 riders for the last race is just awesome. We had great weather and a great day. Big thanks to all of the people that make this happen. We have the Ladd Family at each event and a couple trail sweepers like Dominic Petit and Matt Schlorf at almost every race donating their time and making things safe for all of the riders. Many others to thank from riders working for worker points, Flea grooming the trails, Judy in Back up scoring, Rob and Jeffrey with clean up. I know I am missing people but is to long of a list to list everyone but all of you are greatly appreciated. Thanks, Rick and Paula