Subject: Sugar Camp/Live Engine Start/8 Mile Loop8/9/14

We will be using the start gate at Sugar Camp for a Live engine start for all classes. The course will be run backwards and will be 8-9 miles long for the big bikes. This is our best course and well worth the trip, you do not want to skip this race. See You There.

Subject: Valders race moved to Cecil7/31/14

The Valders race scheduled on Saturday September 13 has been moved to Cecil on Sunday September 14. The Viking Bow and Gun Club has decided to no longer let us use their property for racing. We would like to thank them for letting us use their property for the past twelve years and completely understand their decision. The good news is we were able to replace the race at Cecil and I will be adding some new trail for the event.

Subject: Motocross Races Cancelled6/5/14

Myself and Paula after talking it over have decied to cancel the remainder of the 2014 motocross races due to a lack of riders and the difficulty getting enough flaggers for each event. We only had 58 and 44 riders at our first two events and we just can not run races on those numbers. We are still hopeful we can make the short race day with 20 minute motos format work in the future and will revisit the idea. For now we just want to concentrate on our Cross Country series. If you have any questions you can call me at 920-905-9492. Thanks, Rick

Subject: Paula Hit at Scoring Tent6/4/14

Paula was hit at the scoring tent at the last race in Kewaunee and could of been seriously hurt. It was a accident and the rider was very apologetic, but the racing into and through the scoring tent is getting out of hand. Starting this next race at Lakewood it will no longer be tolerated. If you do not stop in the scoring area we just will not score you. If you come to me at the end of the race and say that the scoring is wrong and your barcode number is on the list of riders that did not stop I will just tell you that you were warned on my website and at the start line before the race and that you should of stopped. The race is not won or lost at scoring, you can race the rest of the course. Please pass this along to all of the riders. Thank You, Rick