Subject: Denmark Track Update3/19/15

I will be working at the track this Sunday the 22nd. If you are able to help it is appreciated. Chainsaws and clippers to do clean up and we need to take fencing down where we will be making track changes. I have a dozer reserved for the 28th if the frost is out of the ground. Looking at having the track open the weekend of April 11-12. If you are not a member and want to see the track on the weekend of April 11-12 you can come on out and take a look but will not be able to ride unless you purchase a membership. Again any help is appreciated, there is much work to do to get things back into shape.

Subject: Denmark MX track update2/14/15

Everything was finalized on February 12. Already have been selling memberships. We will only be offering 100 memberships for 2015 so if you want to purchase one please call or text me at 920-905-9492. Membership cost is on the RPA Offroad Membership form which has been updated. You can also email me at Thank You, Rick