Subject: Denmark MX Race Sunday July 29th7/14/18

We will be running a MX on Sunday July 29th. $5.00 Gate Fee and $30.00 Entry Fee which will include Open riding after the Racing is completed. Registration 7-9am, Riders meeting 9-9:15am with racing to follow. There will be a 2 lap practice before your moto. Only 5 gate drops:Moto 1-A&B Bike, Moto 2-C Bike, Moto 3-+30,40 & 50 Bike, Moto 4-65, 85 & Womens Bike, Moto 5-50cc Bike.We should be done racing by Noon with open riding to follow and some fun contests: Wheelie, enduro cross and others. Low cost, short race day and lots of ride time. We will be combining both tracks which will give us a 2 mile track. Please share this with your Friends and Family. Great chance for a non member to try Denmark MX. If you have any questions please call me at 920-905-9492. Thanks, Rick

Subject: Motocross Races at Denmark7/1/18

There will be for sure one Moto this year, possibly two. I will have time to get the track in shape in July since we do not have any races scheduled. I want to add additional sprinklers to the watering system and get my water pumps in a better location. The races will have a very limited class selection and be based on just having Fun and a very short race day with open ride to follow. Gate fee will only be $5.00 and Entry Fee will Only be $30. Registration will be from 7-9am, Riders Meeting 9-9:15am with racing to Follow. There will be a 2 lap sight in before Moto one in place of running a practice to speed things up. One race will be a Two(4-Lap) Moto Format on the Main MX track and the other race will be a One moto 8 Lap race combining both Tracks which will make it a Two Mile track. I want to try some different formats to see which is liked best. There will only be 5 Gate drops. Moto One: A & B Bike, Moto Two: C Bike, Moto Three: +30, 40 & 50 Bike, Moto Four: 65, 85 & Women’s Bike and Moto 5: 50cc Bike which will be only on the Kids track. Will be done by 12-1pm and the rest of the day would be open ride. Low cost, short Race Day with a ton of ride time and we should have full gates. Looking at for sure a Race in October which will be on a Saturday and The Sunday following the Moto I will be running a GP. The other race I am not sure if it will be in July, August or September. Need to get some things done at the track first and make sure to do it on a weekend that does not conflict with local tracks. Let me know what you think and if anyone is interested in helping at the track please contact me at 920-905-9492. Thanks, Rick

Subject: Points updated from Road America at Elkhart lake.6/21/2018

Subject: Round 2 WIXC Door Devils MC Sturgeon Bay June 3 5/29/18

Big Thank You to Dave Peters for putting a couple single track sections for this Sundays Race on June 3 at the Door Devils MC in Sturgeon Bay. Hope to see you there. Rick

Subject: Road America Discount Codes5/29/18

I have been getting calls that the discount codes were not working on the Road America website. I just did it myself and it is working. WIXC for the Sunday discount and WIXC2018 for the weekend discount. This has to be done by the 30th so please get it done ASAP. Thanks, Rick

Subject: Attention Members of Denmark MX5/16/18

I have changed the combination to the track and if I have not contacted you with the new combination could you please call or text me with your name so I can verify your membership and get you the new combination. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank You, Rick 920-905-9492

Subject: Membership Renewal/Border Battle XC3/24/18

If you could please try to get your 2018 memberships in before the first race it speeds things up at registration, also anyone looking to race the Round 1 of the Border Cross XC on April 29th you will receive a free transponder if you present your 2018 RPA Offroad Membership Card. Any questions you can call or text me at 920-905-9492. Thank You, Rick

Subject: Attention Denmark MX Members: New Days & Hours Imposed By Maniotowoc County Board of Adjustments 9/25/17

Sundays: 8AM-1PM, Mondays: Closed, Tuesday-Saturday: 8AM-8PM or Dark. Please Follow the Rules and Have Fun. We will keep you posted on any changes and if you have any questions on this matter please call me at 920-905-9492. Thank You. Rick