Subject: The Rodeo is cancelled due to the tornado that hit the area. Pass the word on! Thank you!!7/20/2019

Subject: Denmark Rodeo Sunday July 21st/Straight Rhythm8/17/19

Looks to be great weather and a very Fun Event. Trying something new. This event is all about just having Fun. Events will be Barrel Racing, Wheelie Contest, Enduro Cross, Pit Bike Racing, Slow Contest and we have some 70s and 80s Vintage MX riders Racing on the MX Track. Events will run from 10am to 2pm with open riding to follow. Gate will open at 8am. $30.00 entry fee and $5.00 gate fee includes all events and open riding. Here is the big news, I have Flea (Chuck Cisler) Coming with a D5 Dozer to build a Straight Rhythm and build some new jumps on the kids track. I need some experienced riders to test as he builds. There will be no concessions so please bring plenty of food and beverages. Hope to make this a yearly event. If you are interested in helping or have any questions please text or call me at 920-905-9492. Thanks, Rick

Subject: Road America Promo Code is WIXC6/19/19

The promo code to get your discounts for Road America is WIXC. Make sure to purchase your tickets now before the promo expires. The promo expires two weeks before the race on July 28. You can use the promo for all tickets available from just Sunday or the entire weekend.

Subject: Tuesday Ride Day 4/8/19

Lets try to get a weekly ride day going with the members on every Tuesday. I will be there starting tomorrow on April 9th from 3pm to 6-7pm. If you are not a member I have a one day membership available for only $30. I will be parked up by the concession if you need to find me. Hope to see you there. Any questions call or text me at 920-905-9492. Thanks, Rick