Subject: Track is Groomed8/17/19

I was able to work on the track for the last two days to fix all of the damage from the heavy rains and storms. We also were able to clean up down trees on the track and trails. I will be there later today touching up some areas on the track and picking some rock on a couple of hills that always pop up when working the track. Any help would be appreciated. I was hoping to have a Open ride tomorrow but the weather forecast looks like a rainy day. Track is in great shape so if you can ride today I would take advantage of it. Hope to see you there. Rick

Subject: Sugar Camp Cancelled Due to Death in the Family8/14/19

Scott Schwalbes Mom passed away and due to legal issues which he thought would of been resolved and are not he is not able to run a race on the property this year. Everything should be resolved by next year and we will be back on the schedule for the end of August in 2020. Scott wants to apologize to all of the riders and hopes that all of you understand.

Subject: 2018 Banquet Awards to be Picked Up8/5/19

Here is a list of riders that still need to pick up their 2018 End of Year Awards. Quad A: Steve Charbonneau. Quad B: Rory Navin, Riley Anderson, Landon Kramer. Quad C: Adam Nys, Brandon Navin. 50cc Bike: James DeGroot. 30 Bike: Chris Lochner. 40 Bike: Jon Randolph, Craig Gaedke, Bill DeGroot, Troy Curd. C Bike: Alec Wolfe, Devin Randolph, Mason Russell. I will have these at Kewaunee. Please pick them up if you are there, if not please contact me for other arrangements. Thank You, Rick 920-905-9492

Subject: Points updated from Kewaunee!8/13/2019

Subject: WIXC Riders Thank You7/30/19

Road America Gave all of you the biggest compliment. They said they have never had a group so respectful. They noticed riders picking up garbage off of the ground, riding at a slow pace from the pits to the start line and just were very impressed with all of you in attendance. So Thank You. You all need to give yourselves a pat on the back. Because of this we are getting more woods for next year and they are giving us a VIP room for registration. Great Job!!!!