Subject: Lakewood rescheduled for June 16!5/19/2019

Lakewood rescheduled for June 16 due to the amount of rain!

Subject: Lakewood Race is on Rain or Shine5/18/19

First it is Off Road Racing and I know that you the Riders are not a Bunch of you know What. Second I picked Lakewood as a early race because I know how well it handles water and with all of the hills you get great drainage. It looks like most of the rain will be Saturday night which will give you a great day for the open ride. The main amount of the second batch of rain looks like it will not hit until later on Sunday after the racing will be done. I will take some pictures today as I am setting up the course. We still are in need of a back up score person. If any other races are cancelling please send them in our direction. Remember this is Race Format one. Hope to see you there.

Subject: Lakewood Race Workers Needed5/15/19

We are still in need of a Back up score person and 3 or 4 trail sweepers. Remember you get first place points for working one event per year. If interested please call or text me at 920-905-9492. Thank You, Rick

Subject: Lakewood Round 2 WIXC5/6/19

Course and Track are looking awesome for Round 2 of the WIXC series on Sunday May 19. This is Race Format one: 8am 65, 85 & Womens, 10am Bikes and 1pm Quads. This is our most technical course for the riders that love that you will not want to miss this race. Saturday will only be a Open ride and will not be a MX race. Hope to see you there.

Subject: Tuesday Ride Day 4/8/19

Lets try to get a weekly ride day going with the members on every Tuesday. I will be there starting tomorrow on April 9th from 3pm to 6-7pm. If you are not a member I have a one day membership available for only $30. I will be parked up by the concession if you need to find me. Hope to see you there. Any questions call or text me at 920-905-9492. Thanks, Rick

Subject: WIXC Rider Referral Challenge4/6/19

I want to set a goal of recruiting a minimum of 50 new riders to the series this year. We always offer a FREE entry with every new rider you recruit to the series. In addition to a FREE entry for each new rider we will put one ticket into a drawing for each new rider you recruit and another for each race the new recruit races. At the end of the season we will have a drawing for a Fly Racing Canopy valued at over $500. So the more riders you recruit the better your chance at winning the Fly Racing Canopy. I would like anyone interested to sign up with their name, class and riding number that is willing to make a commitment to help recruit a minimum of one new rider by texting me at 920-905-9492. Thank You, Rick

Subject: Track Memberships2/10/19

Spring will be here fast. If you are looking at getting a membership or renewing your membership we will be offering half price on our Lifetime memberships. A Single Lifetime membership will only be $500 instead of $1000 and a Family Lifetime will only be $1000 instead of $2000. Our yearly Memberships are for a Single Membership $200 and a Family $400. If you are interested or if you have any questions please give me a call at 920-905-9492. Thank You, Rick

Subject: 90cc Quad Class for 201911/18/18

I would like to get the 90cc Quad class back in the line up for 2019. The problem is a lack of riders. I have had a couple Dads contact me and I have started a list of potential riders for 2019. If you are interested in your child racing in this class or know of anyone else please contact me at 920-905-9492 so I can get your name added to the list. If I can get 5 or more riders committed to racing this class I will add it for 2019. Thank You, Rick