Subject: Denmark MX Race July 9, 20226/27/22

The first race was a great success with positive feedback. We will have three changes for the next race on July 9. We will be adding two classes: +40 and +50. Practice will be as follows from 8-9am: 8-8:15 Big Bikes, 8:15-8:30 65 and 85, 8:30-8:45 Big Bikes, 8:45-9:00 65 and 85. There will be a $10 per person gate fee for 6 and older, 5 and under will be free. Hope to see you there. Any questions or if you are interested in helping with the race you can call or text me at 920-905-9492. Rick

Subject: Points updated from Round 4 at Manitowoc6/24/2022

Subject: June 18 Denmark MX Results posted under WIMX Results6/24/2022

Subject: No Camping for WIXC Rounds 4 and 56/7/2022

There will not be camping for the next two WIXC races at Manitowoc and Luxemburg. There are campgrounds and hotels close to each of these events.

Subject: Luxemburg Race June 265/22/22

We are close to a 4 mile course, part track and trail. All sand for soil so rain will not be a problem. We have a intro video on you tube at

Subject: WIXC schedule updated and WIMX schedule posted5/5/2022

Subject: Attention Track Members: Track is Open4/22/22

The Track is Open as of Today Friday April 22. The Big track and trails off of the big track are good but the kids track and trails off of the kids track are still to wet. Please stay off of these areas that are to wet and follow all track rules and riding hours. Have fun and if you have any questions feel free to call or text me at 920-905-9492. Thanks, Rick

Subject: MX Race Dates For Denmark MX4/18/22

Races will all be on Saturdays with the following Dates: June 18, July 9, August 6 and October 1. We could use help with Flagging, Scoring, Dropping the Gate and Registration. Anyone willing to help please call or text me at 920-905-9492. Thanks, Rick

Subject: Attention Track Members: New Gate Code3/20/22

Please text me at 920-905-9492 with your Full Name so I can verify that you are a member and send you the new Gate Code for 2022. The track should be open sometime in April. Looks to be a great year with more improvements to the tracks, trails and the facility. Thank You, Rick and Paula

Subject: Three MX Races Planned for 2022 at Denmark MX3/12/22

We are planning on three MX races for 2022 (July, Augsut and October) at Denmark MX. The races will be completely based on having FUN!!! They will be two stroke and Vintage focused with less classes and more ride time. The classes will be 50cc, 65cc, 85cc, 100-200cc, 201-250cc, 251-500cc (Open), Vintage 70s, 80s and 90s. 50cc will run on our kids track and will also offer classes for the four strokes and pw50s. If you only own a four stroke you will have to race it cc for cc with the two strokes. Only $50 per rider with no gate fee and you can run as many classes as you desire. Big Pot Luck when the racing is done with open riding. If you have any questions or would like to help please call me at 920-905-9492. Thanks, Rick Anschutz

Subject: Three New Classes for WIXC3/12/2022

Air Cooled: This will be a 4 stroke air cooled class from 80-150cc, ages up thru 14 years old. This class will be kids a chance to race witout trying to compete against a 85cc two stroke. Womens A/B: This class is for the Faster Women riders that want to race the two hour race, there will be a Womens C that will still run the one hour race with the kids classes. Team: This will be for the riders that just do not want to race for 2 hours, you will team up with another rider and be able to switch off at any interval that you choose. Riders will share the same barcode number and have to switch off with a scrunchie around your wrist.

Subject: WIXC Apparel has been updated so please take time to check it out!!8/6/2020